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How do I backup my account on cPanel? Print

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Follow the steps below which show you how to backup your entire account including databases / mail files / addon domains / etc.
Step One:
Login to cPanel (http://yourdomain.com:2082)
Step Two:
Click on the 'Backups' link / icon under Files on the home page of cPanel.
Step Three:
When you are on the backups page click on the 'Download or Generate a Full Web Site Backup'
Step Four:
On this page you will be able to select a destination for which your backup will be stored on your account. It is best to leave it as 'Home Directory' as this will place the backup below the public_html folder so it can not be access by a web URL.
You may have a remote FTP that you wish to use so you can have a backup on another server. Many backup companies will give you this information if you are renting backup space.
After you have selected the destination for your backup, enter the email address you would like to be used when your backup has finished. The default email address (Email address provided on signup) should already be entered. You will be sent an email with full details of your backup.
After your backup has finished you can then either FTP download the backup for save keeping at home (We always recommend you keep a copy on your personal computer). You will also be given a download link on the full backups pages where you entered your destination information.

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